Friday, 25 December 2015

On the 1st Day of Christmas...

... this blogger gave to thee...
... a lego man made of a tree.

Merry Christmas one and all! I hope you have all had a fabulous day, got lots of presents, eaten just too much and enjoyed the holidays in all its twinkly fairy light glow. And here is the first post of the 12 days of Christmas for you.
Created by French designer, Thibault Malet, these beautifully hand-crafted interpretation of the iconic LEGO man are made of sustainably sourced beech wood, stands at approximately four and a half inches tall and are fully jointed and moveable. Malet has taken this iconic childhood toy, in all its yellow glory and turned it into a more sophisticated and grown up, "Art Toy".
For 2016, there will be a limited collection of 100 - though as I write this there's actually only two left in Malet's online shop - each carved meticulously by hand and lathe to create a unique product. They're each numbered underfoot, given magnetic head joints and placed within their cardboard boxes, with even the waste shavings from the carving process being re-purposed into packaging materials for the limited edition toys. 
I love Lego. I always have. My favourite days when I was a kid was creating a Lego street across the living room floor, which were always concluded by the Godzilla like entrance of the "Lego Bomb" aka my little sister as a toddler. Her Lego destroying antics have gone down in infamy over the years and every Lego creations always came to the same end.

Now, can I ask, am I the only person who get irritated when people talk about Legos?

I know it's silly, but it's always bugged me, the plural of Lego is Lego, not Legos (well technically - if Google is to be believed - Lego Bricks is the the plural), like sheep is sheep, not sheeps. Legos just sounds so wrong, am I alone in thinking that?

Probably, but it's already a daft enough thing to be irritated by, especially on Christmas Day...

Merry Christmas! Part two tomorrow...

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Listening: I'll Be Home For Christmas - She & Him

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