Sunday, 25 December 2016

On the 2nd Day of Christmas...

... this blogger gave to thee...
... two sassy sweatshirts...
... an ode to 2016.

It's Christmas Day, at eleven fifty three and I've been trying to squeeze finishing my second day of Christmas post into a day of nine family members at the house, presents, cooking, eating and watching Star Trek beyond while trying not to fall asleep.

Needless to say, I'm currently completely exhausted and ready for bed, and also ready to have a fight with the cat as to who actually gets to sleep on said bed. I plan to win despite his dirty looks and protestations because it's bad enough getting up every morning between five and seven to let him out without giving your bed up just because he's fluffy, cute and slightly more likely to bite than you are.

So at this late hour, for the second day of the holidays, I'm offering a post inspired by my little sister and her epic taste in clothes. She would disagree with that statement, she thinks she dresses like a scruff because it's mostly jeans and sweatshirts, however over the past couple of years some wonderfully sassy sweatshirts have made their way into her collection. My favourites being from Locher's, a small Paris based company started by designer Nicole Locher and consisting of embroidered flora and fauna and curse smattered statements.

Queen of Fucking Everything Sweatshirt

I Used To Be Sweet And Innocent. Then Shit Happened. Sweatshirt

There are lots of equally excellent, really nicely made options on the website, most of which I believe the little sister will purchase over time, the first on this list not only does she wear on a very regular basis, but we also bought for mum for Christmas. Couldn't persuade her to wear it during Christmas lunch however. Shame.

Sorry if this post seems rushed, I am honestly going to fall asleep at my laptop if I don't post now!

Merry Christmas! Part three tomorrow...

Link || Locher's Paris Website
Link || Queen of Fucking Everything Sweatshirt
Link || I Used To Be Sweet And Innocent. Then shit happened. Sweatshirt)

Listening: Last Christmas - Wham (In honour of the most recent casualty of 2016, George Michael)

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