Friday, 30 December 2016

On the 6th Day of Christmas...

... this blogger gave to thee...
... six party frocks...
... five gold rings!..
... four filmic covers...
... three low light lovelies...
... two sassy sweatshirts...
... an ode to 2016.

"Dresses! Dresses! Dresses!" the cry from my sisters when talking about the sixth day of Christmas. It's their favourite day, and one of mine too as I get to play dress up without the cost or the misery that nothing fits or looks nice on. Which incidentally is my experience with buying any sort of dress ever, and generally when I do buy one (there are two hanging up in my room right now) I don't wear them because I'm too scared to look like a big fat mess and get laughed at.

Can you tell that while day six is my sisters favourites, it brings up very conflicting feelings for me? I love looking around for the dresses and making a list of six ones I would love, love, love to wear but it also makes me feel a bit crap because I basically live in jeans and jumpers for fear of sticking out.

Anyway, we're not picking a pity party dress, we're picking a god damn party dress and when it comes to Hogmanay there are only a few important rules, there needs to be sequins somewhere, something off the shoulder, something brocade and probably some more sequins... let's get started!
(Told you there would be sparkle, brocade and off the shoulder!) This Sylvie Strapless Brocade Dress in Black by Erin Fetherston from Anthropologie, is the first dress on the list is also the first dress I found this year and decided would make the list. I'm a sucker for brocade fabrics and the black and gold is a really nice way to wear a metallic without it being intimidating. Not quite your little black dress, but in my opinion a more festive alternative for New Years.
Rita Metallic Stripe Dress in Gold by Coast is definitely a little bit more metallic, and by a little bit I mean a lot. It looks like you could make the skirt out of Christmas present wrapping and ribbons all sewn together, and I'm totally into it.
I love the fabric, pattern and colour combination on this Warner Jacquard Midi Dress in Multi-Pink from Oasis, which is odd because it is not a pink tone I would normally be attracted too, however with the black pattern and gold overlay, I think it's really pretty... it definitely deserves better shoes though!
Needle & Thread, a brand I'd never come across before this year and I'm a little obsessed now, with their beautiful bead and sequin floral pattern dresses and even some of their gorgeous dungarees! If you follow me on Pinterest, you've probably seen how much of a kleptomaniac I am for images of embroidery details like this and this Tulle Woodland Lace Embellished Dress would fit in nicely. As for a New Years dress, I think being pale and sparkly makes it quite a nice wintery option for a night out, but you might be wise taking a coat!
More sequins! And this time positively encrusted with every shape and size of pale pink/mauve sequins. This Cluster Embellished Mesh Crop Top Midi Dress from ASOS could be tacky given the sheer abundance of sequins, but the subdued colour and simplicity of the tulle undercut skirt makes it perfect. Honestly, I love all these dresses, but I think I would wear this one this New Year if I was actually doing anything other than the traditional movie night.
We started with black and gold, why not end with black and gold? And now I have Sam Sparrow in my head. This ASOS SALON Beautiful Golden Rose Midi Prom Dress from ASOS is in my head the Christmas version of all the big florals you see during the summer. Why is it Christmassy? Why it's metallic of course!

I hope there's at least one dress you like on this list and if you're doing anything for Hogmanay this year you've already got your clothes all picked out and aren't planning any impulse buying tomorrow before you head out!

Now, I'm off to watch the end of Strictly Ballroom, a movie I absolutely frigging love! Plus if you're looking for over the top glitter and sequins, there is no better source,

Merry Christmas! Part seven tomorrow...

Fuck You 2016!

Link || Sylvie Strapless Brocade Dress in Black by Erin Fetherston from Anthropologie
Link || Rita Metallic Stripe Dress in Gold by Coast from John Lewis
Link || Warner Jacquard Midi Dress in Multi-Pink from Oasis
Link || Tulle Woodland Lace Embellished Dress by Needle & Thread from ASOS
Link || ASOS Cluster Embellished Mesh Crop Top Midi Dress from ASOS
Link || ASOS SALON Beautiful Golden Rose Midi Prom Dress from ASOS

Listening: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - She & Him

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