Sunday, 1 January 2017

On the 7th Day of Christmas...

... this blogger gave to thee...
... seven shoes to choose from...
... six party frocks...
... five gold rings!..
... four filmic covers...
... three low light lovelies...
... two sassy sweatshirts...
... an ode to 2016.

So, it's late on, on the eve of 2017 and our escape from what has seemed like a true stinker of a year. X-Men: Apocalypse has been our film of choice because four out of five of us are geeks who love X-Men and my dad's nice and let us and let's face it, I'm not wearing high heels, or a pretty dress this (or any) New Years. I'm sitting in my pyjamas, with my family, watching movies and drinking a glass of bubbly while periodically trying to find where the cat is hiding.

The neighbours on either side of the house have decided to let off fireworks and he's petrified and been hiding somewhere in my sisters room. I like fireworks, at least going to a display, but I will be that curmudgeon and say having them going off in back gardens never seems a good idea and while our previous cats were okay with them, I hate seeing Charlie so scared. He hates loud noises as it is, but I opened the front door when the first firework went off and he bolted into the house, and disappeared somewhere safe. Poor wee tootie.

Anyway, he's had a sleep, some food and gone back out on the tiles, so at least one of us has had an eventful New Years, and as you'd probably noticed, this post is a day late because I was watching movies instead of finishing writing this post on some lovely shoes to go with yesterdays dresses. So here they are, seven pairs of shoes for the seventh day!
Let's start out with something beautiful and completely out of my price range, Christian Louboutin Seferme 100 cutout leather-trimmed suede ankle boots from NET-A-PORTER, I know they're black and simple and because they're Louboutin's with their iconic red soul they'll be ludicrously expensive, but a girl can dream or at least look for a knock off...
Okay, so the Stratosphere Mary Janes by Chie Mihara are from BHLDN, which technically makes them wedding shoes, but, I saw them on Pinterest and kind of fell in love with them and couldn't resist adding them to the list because they were so damn cute. Plus, while I'd totally wear these as a bride or bridesmaid, they're cute and quirky enough I'd wear them anyway. This all despite the fact that I hate white/cream shoes!
I've said it before, I cannot walk in high heels. There have been rare pairs which I have managed too, but they rarely have a very high heel and they were comfy. Comfy is good. Comfy and pretty is better. And a comfy, glittery Oxford alternative to high heels on a cold (okay not so cold this year but roll with it) New Years Eve, yeah, I'm up for that because let's face it a nice pair of brogues or Oxfords with a pretty dress is always a nice alternative. Which is why I've put a pair of flats on my list for I think the first time in the form of Modcloth's Trademark Sparkle Oxford Flat in Gold. Some may say they're gaudy, but if they were a high heel you'd say why the hell not! So why the hell not!
See, sequins and sparkles in a high heel and while they're on the side of gaudy, they're also festive, sparkly and definite party shoes and therefore Miss KG Andi Metallic Two Part Heeled Shoes from ASOS, get away with being a bit extra because at Christmas and New Years that's exactly what we all get to be, we get to be a bit extra.
Oddly I'd say these Sequin and Ye Shall Find Heel in Rose By Blue by Betsey Johnson from Modcloth are less extra, despite being equally if not more sequin smothered than their predecessor, because they're smaller, flatter sewn and a single colour, rather subdued shade of pale rose/shell pink with that every so popular rose golden glint. See, even explaining sequin shoes is a little extra... do I care? Nope, I love a good sequin shoe! Couldn't you tell?
You know that this year has been really difficult to find shoes I like, and the only reason I can think of is that the 1990's has returned to the shops again and while I was only just in my teens when it ended, I lived through the latter years of those fashions and I never really wanted to return to it. In fact the only thing I would return to is tackity boots (Doc Martins with heavy socks rolled over top, or Caterpillars when I was in school were the prefered options) and floral dresses. So the idea of boots like these Timberland Wheat Rumble Glancy 6 Boots and some of those pretty party dresses really appeals.
Last pair, at my little sisters behest, are these LK BENNETT Sabina velvet courts in pri-floral from Selfridges, which, as I was searching for options, she saw these and said, "those those!" then when I asked if she was sure she announce I should "ask her (our big sister) but my opinion is the best". Well, of course if her opinion is the best it should be listened too and honestly I think these are great, even if I'm not keen on velvet shoes. The print and the blur the fabric gives, makes them look like old oil paints of flowers when you look at them close up. I might have rolled straight past these if the little sister hadn't been being nosy. Lucky that.

Anyway, it's now officially 2017, we have survived 2016, the cat is back and asleep behind me on my desk, on the makeshift bed I made to stop him fighting with me as to who got to sleep on the bed at night and it's past three. I need to sleep before the New Years Day family gathering begins.

I hope you had a lovely New Year whether it was busy or quiet and let's not say anything about 2017 for fear of jinxing it. At least after 2016, we still have Betty White*!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Part eight (and the end to this god awful year) tomorrow...

Fuck you 2016!

* In case you didn't hear, there had been a campaign to protect Golden Girl Betty White from 2016 because, well, they'll already be needing extra time for the Oscars People We Lost segment and she's Betty freaking White! 

Link || CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Seferme 100 cutout leather-trimmed suede ankle boots from NET-A-PORTER
Link || Stratosphere Mary Janes by bhldn
Link || Trademark Sparkle Oxford Flat in Gold from Modcloth
Link || Miss KG Andi Metallic Two Part Heeled Shoes from ASOS
Link || Sequin and Ye Shall Find Heel in Rose By Blue by Betsey Johnson from Modcloth
Link || Timberland Wheat Rumble Glancy 6 Boot from ASOS
Link || LK BENNETT Sabina velvet courts in pri-floral from Selfridges

Listening: New Year's Eves - Greg Laswell

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