Sunday, 31 December 2017

On the 6th day of Christmas...

... this blogger gave to thee...
 ... six party dresses...
... five gold rings...
... four living hinges...
... three books for reading...
... two felted tooties...
... and a day Binging with Babish.

Dresses, dresses, dress it’s day six and it’s all about dresses, and in particular apparently those brought to us through ASOS, a shop I’m pretty sure I’m one of very few people who still calls it by its full name of As Seen On Screen. This wasn’t intentional, when I’m looking for dresses for this and all other posts, I pin all my options into Pinterest and pick based on the picture without knowing where they’re from… in other words, I managed to pick six dresses from the same website

Needle & Thread Clover High Neck Maxi Gown with Embroidery and Embellishment from ASOS

That said, this first dress is at least not under the ASOS brand, and it’s just pretty. I love Needle & Thread dresses, they’re use of embroidery, sparkles and florals is something I am very drawn too as a magpie.  And as is the theme of this years list, we’re slightly shunning sparkles for neutrals…

… I’ll let you pick yourself off the floor after that comment. Take your time. I’m sure me not going über colourful or shiny is a shock.

One thing I’m surprised about me choosing this dress over the brands more colourful or sparkly options is that normally I dislike tiered, multi hemmed gypsy style skirts. I lived through the return of the gypsy skirt and everyone going boho in the late nineties early two thousands, with the strappy flat sandals, vests and cropped cardigans. Some of my friends, the style suited down to the ground, me, even though I tried, I never pulled it off, but maybe I just didn’t find the right skirt, and this has made me biased. Anyway, point is, this particular gyspy style skirt is suitably masked by embroidered flowers that I really like it, it’s elegant and maybe its colour makes it a little bit more wedding than Christmas/New Year party, but it’s really just really pretty. I’d expect to see more of Needle & Threads dresses in these lists in future years.

ASOS Scuba Zip Front Midi Prom Dress from ASOS

Recently, my little sister and I had a conversation about dresses with visible zippers. She’s not keen, I’m not opposed to them, in fact I have quite a few tops which have visible zips which I really like. In the end we concluded that unless a zipper is a big feature of the dress and isn’t gaudy or cheap looking, it should generally be concealed. I’m hoping, with this in mind, that this dress will be approved of by her, I personally love the shape, the folded neckline and the colour combination of that beautiful teal and the gold of the zipper… only thing I’m never sure about is scuba fabric, if anyone has any experience of it, I’d appreciate knowing what it feels like because it looks structured but soft but it’s scuba fabric, is it the same as used in scuba diving suits, if so surely it’s waterproof, which while it would be excellent for spilled drinks when tipsy, is it rubbery or odd feeling? Just always been curious.

 ASOS Deep Plunge Bonded Velvet Prom Midi Dress in Plum from ASOS

Little sister sent me this one a couple of weeks back, alerting me to its beautifulness and instantly making it a part of this list. It was also out of stock almost immediately, so the chances are you might see someone in this dress or it’s deep wine red and teal green siblings.

Now, I grew up on the nineties, I went through the velvet leggings, shirts, skirts and dresses phase. Mostly paired with Dr. Marten cherry red boots with either tartan or yellow laces, and not all those choices were winners, but I have always had very fond memories of my purple and green crushed velvet dresses. So, I’m actually happy to see so many pretty velvet dresses around. It’s finally a part of nineties fashion I am more than welcome to back, normally the inevitable nineties resurgence every year or two just infuriates me. Find another decade! That, or find different parts to focus on, please?

ASOS Velvet Metallic Drape Open Back Midi Dress from ASOS

Another velvet dress, I couldn’t resist and actually, it’s the only dress this year which has any glitz on it. I don’t think there’s been a year I didn’t pick for this point that didn’t at least include on sequined or metallic coloured dress in it. This is significantly subtle for me!

ASOS TALL Lace Cami Midi Prom Dress in Lilac from ASOS

One question about this dress, am I the only person who doesn’t see this as being lilac? We have five or six purple lilac trees in our garden, one outside my bedroom window and all grown from cutting from my grans garden, which was taken from cutting from her parents’ garden… I’ve grown up looking at lilac flowers out my bedroom window, and while I’ll give you this is a very subtle purple grey slightly mushroomy colour, I wouldn’t call it lilac.

But, that said, I really like it, it’s just pretty and girly and the kind of dress I could see someone wearing in the summer wandering around in the warm and being remarkable casual for a lace dress, or in the winter with a wool coat, scarf and gloves. I just like it, I can’t quite pinpoint why, but I do and it’s not a colour I would go for but if I was confident enough, I’d wear this… but I’d say that about all these dresses.

Keepsake Dreamscape Lace Gown in Navy from ASOS

Keepsake is an Australian brand I had never heard of before this year and they make some very pretty dresses, I prefer their simpler ones, but if you like big ruffles and bell sleeves you may like the less simple ones too. 

This one I like because, one, it’s sheer overlay over a slip dress which is a style which is currently very popular and can walk the line between being over and under dressed, modest and sexy all at the same time, and two for the floral garlands that creep up the torso and down the arms of the dress. It reminds me of the prints and patterns designed by the Rifle Paper Co., whom I love – Cath Kidston and Orla Kiely* be damned, the Rifle Paper Co. florals beat yours hands down in my opinion!

Sorry, I had friends at uni who would curse me for saying that of their beloved designers, but I I never really understood the appeal, and have always preferred the Rifle Paper Co.’s for not trying to reinvent polka dots and chintz as something new. Anyway, those florals remind me greatly of those embroidered on this dress, even down to the use of muted pinks, reds and green on a deep navy base. It’s pretty and give it a fuller skirt and I’m sold one hundred percent.

And there you go, six dresses for you to choose from and only one tiny, teeny bit of sparkle!

Maybe we need some sparkly shoes to make up for it!

Merry Christmas! Part seven tomorrow…

... or ASAP given my current inability to schedule!

Orla Kiely and Cath Kidston have both actually been using some Rifle Paper Co. style florals this year, which I like but often find the shapes of their dresses very old fashioned. I do like Orla Kiely and some of Cath Kidston’s designs, I just feel like the latter is very similar to the sort of patterns you used to see in Laura Ashley in the eighties and nineties.  Also, if I’m honest my friends’ love for her work slightly put me off because I never understood why they got so excited over it. I realise both brands are based in the vintage and kitsch style, this is purely preference and year on year, there are pieces I like and others I don’t, just like any other brand, please don’t think badly of me for having a preference.

Listening: Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time - Paul McCartney

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