Wednesday, 3 January 2018

On the 7th day of Christmas…

… this blogger gave to thee…

… seven shoes to choose from…
… six party dresses…
… five gold rings…
… four living hinges…
… three books for reading…
… two felted tooties…
… and a day Binging with Babish.

Is it just me, or have shoes been kind of ugly throughout 2017? Maybe it’s the resurgence of nineties or just that I’m not enamoured of thick, strappy, chunky shoes but I’ve just not been feeling it. Don’t get me wrong either, I like a good block heel and there will most likely be a couple on this list, but all straps and toes showing, no thank you, I’ll leave that to other people.

So, on this list there will be no peep toes, and straps will be limited to Mary Janes, but given the lack of sparkle in the last posts dresses, there will be a lot of sparkles, because I love glitter. 
I’m probably the only person in the world who wouldn’t be pissed off if she got set cards at Christmas with extra glitter inside of them. In fact the only reason I would curse is at having to bring the vacuum out. I hate the vacuum… except Henry. He’s a good boy and our old nineties one still works, mostly in my shed, cleaning up glitter.

Right now though, we're going all out for glitter and shoes...

 ‘Aketi 100’ by Christian Louboutin

Just before Christmas, I was watching Blake Lively on The Tonight Show, she was having a Dance Battle with Jimmy Fallon and one thing caught my eye in particular… her shoes! These shoes, and oh my god I’ve never searched for a pair of shoes faster, cursing the fact that they had that iconic red sole.

It’s colourful, glittery and embraces a vintage shape of shoe that I don’t feel like I’ve seen a hundred times over the past decade like many of the current shapes of shoes. And they’re just as pretty in Merlot and ‘Dragonfly’.

Plus, like every year I try and match the shoes I choose to the dresses from Day Six, and I’d wear these, in either colourway with at least half the dresses, but that might be me trying to make it work because I like them so much!

‘Sequin Mary Jane Pump’ in Merlot by Dolce & Gabbana from Moda Operandi

Did I mention at the start of this post that I may have gone overly pricey designer shoe mad this year? Yeah, my bad, but again, bad year for high street shoes!

These Dolce & Gabbana shoes are kind of a classic style for this end of the year in both high end and high street shoes. It’s even a classic to the nineties revival, with its Mary Jane strap and block heel, but in general most years there will be a gold glitter or sequin pump that appears and if you told me these was an Irregular Choice high heel instead of D&G, I’d only know you were lying because the button is a gold button and not a narwhal covered in rhinestones.
‘Top Street 100’ by Christian Louboutin via Net-a-Porter

We’re going to get cheaper soon, I promise! But first, another red soled delight, this time with teal velvet and leopard print. Leopard print that be such a hit or miss design in clothes and shoes. The wrong colour, the wrong pattern scatter radius or material and you go from cool to cheap. And again, if you told me these were Irregular Choice, I’d only think they weren’t because of that gold button not being shaped like a summer fruit or cat.
‘M&S Collection - Block Heel Embroidered Court Shoes’ in Gold from Marks and Spencers

Yay! High street! And continuing with the theme of block heels, sparkles and straps, these are probably the busiest of these shoes I’m proposing to match Day Six’s dresses, but actually they’re probably the ones that would end up blending in with most of the dresses! 

‘Nicely Done’ in Green Sequin from Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice shoes go from the sublime to the absurd, they can be pretty and subtle and then completely insane covered in glitter, bells, whistles, charms, fur, loose chain and the kitchen sink. They’re kind of the Next of the shoe world, lots of nice designs but the one sequin of piece of crochet too far.

Nicely Done is kind of that nice middle ground, where someone’s gone, oooh, I’ve made this nice vintage looking shoe out of this nice metallic leather, it’s got some nice rose pattern insoles and we’ve got that pattern on the sole thing, but I think it’s missing something. What’s it missing? What’s it missing? I know! Mermaid sequins! They added the mermaid sequins, took a step back, said let’s take a few out so it’s diamond check pattern and leave it like that. To which all the designers agreed and then they went out for drinks and created the rest of the line on napkins.

Is that mean? It’s not, I swear, I love Irregular Choice shoes, two of my favourite sets of high heels which I actually own are by them and it’s their insanity and love of sparkles and extra embellishments is what I like about them. Something else that’s always attracted me to Irregular Choice shoes is that, like Louboutin and their classic nail polish red soles, they’re taken their lead and added patterning on the soles of their shoes. Whether it’s flowers, stripes, squirrels, Disney, Star Wars, Muppets or, as on mine, a small kissing couple, it’s a detail which is iconic to the brand and one that kills me every time I walk around in mine and they get scuffed. I even designed a board game around the little couple as part of a first-year project. It’s probably lurking in a folder somewhere in my parents’ loft!

 ‘Geraldine’ from Chie Mihara

This is a last minute wild card entry. I had three pairs I was failing to choose from and instead of driving myself nuts, I picked something completely different. And these have the shape I’m obviously drawn to this year, plus sparkly gold eyelashes.

What says New Years more than sparkly gold eyelashes?
 ‘Twinkle’ by Irregular Choice

I feel like since I’ve been talking up Irregular Choice as been mad, wacky and over the top to the point of being way, way too much, so these blue leather sparkly heels, in yet again quite a classic shape might seem a little tame, but you might have noticed those over the top Instagram style sparkle flashes on the bow, can you guess what they are?

LED’s. Yep, these are the grown up’s equivalent of those kiddies light up trainers which you stamp your feet to light up, and I’ll happily admit if I had these, much like those kiddies with light up trainers, I’d run around stamping my feet, lighting these up and having a gay old time. But I’d also have them without the lights and without the bow, but what’s the fun in that?

I don’t wear high heels very often, that’s pretty well documented within the past few years Day Seven posts, so when I do buy them it’s either for love or out of spur of the moment idiocy But as you can probably guess from most of these shoes and my love of Irregular Choice (this isn’t an ad, I swear!) I probably have quite weird taste. I like the glitter; the extra details and hint of madness. I’d rather wear something black and boring with weird shoes than wear something fancy with plain ones.

Either way it doesn’t really matter, just be proud, be you, wear what you like, ignore everyone else and let your freak flag fly.

This post should have been up on New Years Eve, but it wasn’t, so I will wish you all a very happy New Year, I hope you all had fun whether you went out on the town, stayed in with friends and family or stayed home yourself. However you spent the last minutes of 2017, however good or bad it treated you, I hope you’re happy and that 2018 treats you well.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Part eight tomorrow or there abouts…

Link || ‘Aketi’ by Christian Louboutin via Mode Area
Link || ‘Nicely Done’ in Green Sequin from Irregular Choice
Link || ‘Geraldine’ from Chie Mihara
Link || ‘Twinkle’ from Irregular Choice

Listening: What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? - Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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