Thursday, 8 July 2010

A n n i v e r s a r i e s

This is technically a back blog since I had intended to post this yesterday. Yesterday being my parents 31st Wedding Anniversary, thus I'd intended to post pictures of the wedding ring and eternity ring I designed for mum from dad.

The wedding ring is a funny one, it was for their 30th anniversary and traditionally the gift you give for the 30th is pearls. But mum isn't fond of them, so I went looking for alternatives. It's ridiculous actually the number of modern alternatives to the traditional anniversary gifts that have somehow ended up as diamonds. The 10th, 30th and 60th are now all considered diamond wedding anniversaries in gifting terms, though 60th is actually the diamond wedding anniversary, so I suppose it shouldn't count. However, two have been added from the traditional. Just proves how diamond obsessed we've become!

This ring is really important to me, not only because it was for my mum, but because it was only the second time I'd used gold and it was the first time I'd ever bought a diamond. In fact it was the first time I'd ever held one that wasn't set! It was also the first wedding ring I'd every made, so I'm so glad it was for my mum. Though, a year on, I would like it back for a re-polishing!

As does the eternity ring:

It's based on mum's engagement ring, which had a sapphire in the centre and diamonds either side...and it's beautiful. It's very traditional in it's style, but it's beautiful. Unfortunately mum can't wear it anymore, so dad really wanted her to have another ring which would match up. It's a terrible picture, I couldn't get the lighting good enough to take a macro shot, so I decided to go cutesy thinking I'd eventually get a chance to retake the photo - I still haven't and it for a Christmas present, but hey ho.

Anyway, I wanted to post a Happy Anniversary to my parents and post a few pieces of my jewellery since I've barely made anything since the start of the year. Which makes me sad, but fingers crossed inspiration will strike soon!
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PhotoPuddle said...

Wow, you made these?? You are amazing!!

My grandparents made it to their diamond anniversary. My Grandad bought my Grandma a lovely heart shaped diamond ring.

Oh and for the record my husband can feel free to buy me diamonds for any anniversary!

Emily said...

haha, I hope your husband knows that ;)

I made them myself, which was interesting given I had to steal my mums wedding ring while she was in the garden to size it. I was being very sneaky that week! Then again I stupidly forgot to write down the size in order to make the eternity ring, so I had to go through the whole mes again!

That's lovely that your grandparents made it to their 60th, I'm not sure what my grandparents are at actually! Shall have to ask mum in the morning.

I think I'd quite like to try and do a series of jewellery based on the anniversaries, the traditional set of course, but I think it would be something really nice to try. Would be a cool project given the different materials.


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