Friday, 8 October 2010

Doodle Duvet

This Stitch Design Works duvet set takes me back to being a kid, when my little sister doodled all over my alphabet duvet cover. She also doodled over my copy of Emily's Paintbox & the hymn book my great-grandmother gave me for our Christening. No love - you will never be fully forgiven for that one.

However, this Doodle Duvet, which was awarded Best New Product at UK trade fair Top Drawer, comes with 8 coloured wash-out pens and is printed up like lined notepaper. Perfect for scribbling down those late night ideas and designs or leaving messages...though, if you're anything like me, finding the right pen would be the big issue and without a doubt I'd pick up a permanent marker. Doh!

Make sure to use wash out pens! And if you don't like lined paper buy a pack of their pens and a set of plain white sheets. These would be absolutely perfect for kids, although, it could give them ideas. Maybe not such a good plan!

via - Sarah
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PhotoPuddle said...

How cool! Great for jotting down ideas that come to you when you are lying in bed too. I don't think I'd give something like that to my daughter though. As you say it'd give her ideas!

Emily said...

Could be the sort of thing that you let her design her sheets and help change her bed (I don't know how old your daughter is, she might already do that :)) but it could be quite fun as long as she knows that mummy is the holder of the special pens ;)

That said, you're probably right, even for me, at 25, the temptation would be too strong ;) x

PhotoPuddle said...

She's nearly two so still too little to be let loose with pens on her bed. She might think that you can use pens on other things in the house as well. Not ready for her to be designing her own wallpaper yet. LOL.

Emily said...

Definitely not a good idea if she's about to hit the terrible twos ;)

Not unless you have a wipe clean house. x

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