Saturday, 24 December 2011

Musical Interlude: "Merry Christmas Everybody"

As a precursor to the 12 Days of Christmas, I want to share a family tradition. Well, one between me and my sisters, which is, it's not officially Christmas until you hear Noddy Holder screaming IT'S CHRISTMAS! at the top of his lungs during the Slade classic...and there are rules about this:

1) It has to be on the radio (TV radio counts, though not the myriad of Christmas based lists on music channels.)
2) Radio being played in shops counts, however only if you hear the IT'S CHRISTMAS! part.
3) Basically, you can't play it, someone else has too.

So basically, the youtube clip doesn't count for me, but it will count for you as though you may have to press play, I'm responsible for it being there. (In my head that's how I'm justifying it!)

Luckily I heard it last Sunday.

So Merry Christmas to all the lovely people who follow my blog, read it whilst lurking or stumble upon its pages. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas Day and hopefully, depending on whether I've put the time codes right, the 12 Days posts should begin uploading at some point today.

Merry Christmas,
Em x

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