Thursday, 31 May 2012

Colour Shot: Birthday Cat

Cat in a Hat* via Pinterest
*original source unknown

Today I am 27. Officially I am in my late twenties. What a depressing thought!

Don't worry, currently I am in a perfectly happy mood, and you know what? I feel no different at 27 than I did at 26, or 25, or 24. That said I'm actually still 26, I don't turn 27 officially for another ten or so hours, so for most of my birthday I'm no older, yay!

For a birthday colour shout, we have a cat in a hat, which I cannot find the original source, so if you know please tell me. He kind of sums up how I feel about birthdays, I look forward to them, but hate the attention, plus this fact is actually quite poignant image for this year, since it is my first birthday with no cats in the house since I was 9 or 10. Very sadly we lost the last of our cats, Misty, in March. And we miss her very much.

Anyway, today is not a sad day, today I am feeling happy and positive and am off out shopping with my siblings having scored a couple of days off of work after doing a tonne of overtime over the past two months. So I am going to spend some birthday money, drink an incredibly calorific frozen coffee drink and possibly buy a tonne of paint to redecorate my bedroom after it being pink for the best part of ten years!

Hope everyone has a lovely day today and I will being trying to post some birthday related entries since I have had two online and one real life birthdays this month. Beat that Queenie!

Now, off you go and have a lovely big cuppa and a biccy as a birthday treat from me!

Em xxx
Listening: Digital Love- Daft Punk


PhotoPuddle said...

Happy birthday. Hope you've had a lovely day x x x

Isabella said...

The photo makes me cry it's so cute!

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