Monday, 14 May 2012

Colour Shots: Purple Greens

{Untitled} by Diana Miller
(added colour swatches by all credit to the above artist, source: Pinterest}

I'm back, or at least hopefully I am back and Blogger's all changed since I was last here! It's all slick and clean looking, which is very odd.

So, where have I been? Nowhere exciting, just the usual place, doing the usual things, though there have been a few revelations. I got a proper job, as an office assistant and potential website runner at my fathers optician, which I admit I used to do for free but I am now paid, plus it means I am still getting up early. I have been in touch with my friends and explained my absence and given them my phone number. And I have decided that I definitely want to keep trying to be a jeweller, even if it's difficult and will take time and I am going to look into further education in the form of PhDs. Which is terrifying, but if I ever want to teach, I have to look into it.

My non-resolutions for 2012 were mostly to try and be happier, which I am feeling, I'm not there yet, but I am feeling better and thus I going to try and start blogging again, especially as I've made dozens of these Colour Shots and haven't posted any yet! So here is my first, since Monday Mood Boards always seemed to be forgotten we now I've Colour Shots, so there's no defined posting schedule I can fail to meet.

Today we have one based around the beautiful photography of Diana Miller, and this of purple beans because I feel the colour scheme matches the weather today, all greys and lush greens where occasional bout of sunshine we're getting is hitting the trees.

All I need now is for the sunshine to stick around, for Scotland to finally realise it's May and it should be warm and let my poor seedlings be planted before any more die on the windowsills! I currently have actual French beans on my plants in the spare room.
Listening: Is There A Ghost - Band of Horses

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