Sunday, 11 October 2015

Pantone Autumn 2015: An Evolving Colour Landscape {Amethyst Orchid}

Tea cups by Gisela Francisco on Flickr
Bubble via Bottle of Rain on Tumblr
Untitled by Julie Marie Craig on Flickr
Ornamental Cabbage 12 by Thom-B-Foto on deviantArt

Last one, number ten of Pantone's Fall Fashion Colour Report and it's Pantone's self proclaimed, "jewel in the crown"... Amethyst Orchid 17-3628.

Can't really fault them on that one, it's certainly the brightest of the nine Autumn colours, and it's a very purple, purple. Last year Pantone's Colour of the Year was the opposite to this, Radiant Orchid was a heavily pink based purple, Amethyst Orchid on the other hand still has that magenta glow, but with a lot of blue mixed in.

It's weird though, during the spring and summer, fashion seems to have a lot of blue/cool lavender and lilac shades of purple available. They get darker as we go into autumn, richer, but a definite blue tone, then as we hit winter all of the plum shades start to appear. What is it about the seasonal period which makes us look for magenta based plummy purples, which I always think of as warmer, instead of their cooler counterparts?

Is it just because we look to cool down in the summer and warm up in the winter?

Doesn't matter, because what it really reminds me of, is a good old Crayola Crayons*...
... admit it, you want to be a purple crayon for Halloween now too?

* Other brands are available, but none quite so iconic. I still have a pack on my desk for old times sake.

Link || Fall 2015 Pantone Fashion Colour Report: Amethyst Orchid
Link || Adult Crayon Costume via Costumes FC
Link || Child Wisteria Crayon Costume from Halloween Costumes

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