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Pantone Autumn 2015: An Evolving Colour Landscape {Oak Buff}

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Lovely in Lavin by Marianna Rothen from Tales of Endearment on Tumblr (Pinterest)
Honeycomb by Whitney Ott Photography via Her Paper Weight on Tumblr
Cold, sore throat & too tired to leave bed by Karin AmeLda on Instagram (Pinterest)

Summer lellow is bright, it's clean and pale, it's uncompromising in its cheerfulness, but as the seasons change, the colour deepens and becomes richer. We lose the pastel, custard and neon yellows we most commonly see during the summer for honeys and ochres, green tones for reds and cheerfulness for comfort.

Autumnal yellows, like Oak Buff 16-1144, have a warmth to them which is different from the sunshine hues fashion looks too during the summer months. It's like well worn gold jewellery, which has lost it shine*, but still keeps it's warmth and glow.

That's the nice thing about this as a fashion colour. It's muted, but that under lying glow and easy association with jewellery makes it remarkably easy to wear.

And easy to find. I took a quick trip into town to look for a pair of shoes for work that don't have a hole in the sole and of all of Pantone's Fall Forecast colours, Oak Buff, and similarly rich ochre/gold yellows were amongst some of easier to find. Had I gone out looking for the colours? No. But I did notice a lot of the ones I've already posted and the ones to come...

... which is nice.

* While jewellery which is highly polished becomes slightly matt over time, matt jewellery goes the opposite direction and polishes up... I have a fight with my mums wedding band to keep the gold section polished and the silver section matt. I haven't done it for a while and feel guilty every time I look at it!

Link || Fall 2015 Pantone Fashion Colour Report: Oak Buff

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