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Pantone Autumn 2015: An Evolving Colour Landscape {Biscay Bay}

Diamonds by Bator Horvath on Flickr
Untitled via Glam Radar
Milloux V by Charles Hildreth on Flickr
Water Drops by Guen-K on Flickr

Okay, so the next on Pantone's list is their colour of the year, Marsala 18-1438, and seeing I've posted about Marsala before and we've looked at the various things the fashion world is translating the colour into for 2015 - and it is a wonderfully easy* colour to find! - I'm going to skip straight to Biscay Bay 18-4726, in all its peacock/teal glory.

To me, this is a quintessentially Autumnal colour, it's not a full jewel tone, it still has that dark, muted hue to it, but it's as near as dammit and the reason I agree wholeheartedly with Pantone as Biscay Bay as a good fashion colour for fall, is down to how beautiful it looks alongside the rusts and orange colours which is often teamed with. The second image on my board is a perfect example of this, where a teal shade is teamed with the rusts leaf tones and it just looks made for one another.

It also seems like an appropriate colour to post tonight**, as the last episode of Shane Meadow's This is England '90 aired and Smell, portrayed by Rosamund Hanson, had her hair dyed teal. If you've never watched the film, This is England or the subsequent three television series (This is England '86, '88 or '90), I recommend it, it's heart breaking, difficult and wonderful, all at once, but worth every tear.

And, just because I love it, and was reminded of it due to the dedicated at the end of the episode. Here is a cover of The Smiths, "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want", which featured at the end credits of the original 2006 film. It is performed by Gavin Clarke (of Clayhills and UNKLE), who died unexpectedly at the beginning of the year and whose music has featured in all of Meadow's work over years.

* Easy, but I'm yet to buy anything clothes wise in Marsala... I've found a few I like, but inevitably their in fabrics I hate! Which is annoying, as it's exactly the kind of dark, jewel tone red I like.
** Eagle-eyed readers might notice that this is being posted on Monday 05/10 when the original broadcast of the This is England 90's finale went out on Sunday 04/10, I didn't cock up, my internet connection failed completely last night as I finished writing it. So I'm just pressing Publish now. Sorry!

Link || Fall 2015 Pantone Fashion Colour Report: Biscay Bay
Link || This Is England on IMDb
Link || This Is England '90 on IMDb

Listening: Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want - Clayhills

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