Saturday, 30 March 2013

Dulux Colour of the Year: Indigo Night

Please forgive the two sets of blue suede shoes, I could resist and I'm ashamed to say that I bumped a set of royal blue Converse Ox Lite's for them. I'll go and hang my head in that corner over there...

1) Benefit BAD gal Mascara in Blue - I went through a year or two were I wore nothing but blue mascara, is it sad that I'm enjoying its catwalk return? | Link
2) Karen Millen Dress with Floral Embroidery from ASOS - a little old fashioned, but I'm completely in love! | Link
83) Barry M Dazzle Dust in DD98 Petrol Black - my favourite eyeshadow! It's the one I wear if I'm dressing up and want to look fancy or make my eyes look über green. It's a perfect mix of dark blue black base and peacock/purple's just beautiful! | Link
4) Tennyson (Blue Tortoiseshell Glasses) by Paul Smith | Link
5) Scalloped Front Tab Across Body Bag in blue from ASOS - *quietly places in shopping basket*| Link
6) Christian Louboutin Rolando in Navy | Link
7) Blue Stamp Cufflinks by Clare Hillerby - when I started jewellery at uni, she was (and still is) a complete idol. I fell in love with her jewellery because it's subtle and elegant and beautiful...she has her own style, which is something I still haven't found | Link | Clare Hillerby
8) Original 1227 Table Light by Anglepoise | Link
9) Blue Pocket Postal Notebook by Moleskin | Link
10) Blue Adjustable Flower Earrings by Gulnur Ozdaglar - these are made of recycled plastic. Her jewellery is spectacular | Link | Gulnur Ozdaglar
11) Anthropologie Spot of Tea Mug | Link
12) Suede Wood Platforms in Navy from Kling | Link
13) Gosh Limited Edition Nail Varnish in Tilted Blue - I almost bought this last week, I'm avoiding wearing nail varnish while buying tonnes of it! My depression buying has always been makeup based and right now that obsessive purchasing is of nail varnish. | Link

So there are thirteen lovely lovely Indigo Night inspired bits and bobs. I want them all!


Link | Dulux Colour of the Year
Listening: Hey Little Bruiser - Ed Harcourt

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