Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Dulux Colour of the Year 2014: Teal II

Teal Trivia! The first recorded use of teal as a colour name was in 1917 and it is believed to have been named after the muted blue-green feathers that surround the eye of the dabbling-duck known as the Common Teal.

So the colour has only been known as Teal for ninety-seven years. It's practically a baby. It will also be known dabbling-duck in my head now. And so you know, a dabbling-duck is a duck who feels mostly from the surface of the water rather than diving.

Now, we have the traditional nail polish, which you know I can't resist; heels and a dress; makeup and a mug; comfy, comfy sneakers, that have a double tongue which I've never understood, but are my comfiest pair and heels I may well be able to walk in and there's also a ring which is a planter and my new glasses, which I admit are very, very borderline teal, but after seeing some interpretations of the colour, I'd count them, though I am biased.

So here they are, my Dulux Colour of the Year 2014 list of teal toned treats:

1. Bleach Super Cool Colours in Sea Punk from Bleach London | Link
2. Color Show Nail Polish in Superpower Blue  from Maybelline | Link
3. Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Electric from Stila Cosmetics | Link
4. Kebaya Mug in Turquoise from Anthropologie | Link
5. Pepe Jeans 'Avery' aka my new glasses from Clelland and Boyd Opticians| Link
6. Teal Blue Origami Paper Cranes Ladies Scarf by Talented Apple on Etsy | Link
7. Zodiac Glitter in Cancer from Lime Crime | Link
8. Wearable Planter Icosahedron Ring in Teal by Wearable Planter on Etsy | Link
9. Teal Polka Dot Classic Satchel from Mozzypop | Link
10. Converse Allstar Low Double Tongue Mrrcn Blwt Smu from Office | Link
11. Editor Teal Heel by Not Rated from | Link
12. Pigment in Teal from MAC | Link
13.Globe 10" in Green by Found by Fab | Link
14. Daymee Dress in Teal from Coast | Link

The fact that dabbling-duck wavers between green and blue makes it a relatively easy colour both to find and wear. You just pick the tone that suits you, or at least that's the story I'm sticking too since my collection does wander kind of carelessly through the spectrum.

You can be daring and relatively bright or safe, neutral and muted, but either way, it's a good colour and would look particularly nice with bright blue pinks, corals (which is the complimentary colour of choice) or even with a bit of Radiant Orchid.

Lucky that!

Link | Dulux Colour of the Year 2014
Listening: Sleeping Sickness - City and Colour feat. Gordon Downie


PhotoPuddle said...

I love teal. It's a gorgeous colour. I especially like that dress. And the spotty satchel which I actually have in yellow!

Emily Boyd said...

I have the satchel in Tan! But I'm sad because I can't keep using it. The stitching around one of the bits that holds the strap to the bag is unravelling :(

I need to try and fix it, but haven't worked out the best way yet.

Doesn't stop me wanting it in every other colour :D

Plus there's a Red Herring floral satchel that I'm obsessed with and may buy.

I love a good satchel, it's probably my bag of choice.

Em x

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