Sunday, 18 January 2015

Dulux Colour of the Year 2015: Copper Blush II


Dulux Colour of the Year is Copper Blush... did you expect anything less than copper overload?

Especially coming from a (failed) jeweller? You're really lucky I didn't just put up a picture of a sheet of copper and some wire! That would have done me, but instead I've ended up with fifteen Copper Blush items I would not be unhappy with. Then again, a reel of thick electrical cable to strip down into huge coils of lovely new copper wire would make me happy too, especially as I used the last/most of my old one making crocheted flowers.

As I said in my last post, I actually think that this is a great colour for fashion and objects, it's got a really great rose gold quality to it and skirts between really quite an orange copper, right back to being very pink in hue.

Plus, nude colours have been big the last few years, so, let's face it, this is just another nude to add to your palette.

  1. Bleach Super Cool Colours in 'Rosé' and 'Awkward Orange' from Bleach London | Link How-To
  2. Frends 'Layla' Headphones in Rose Gold and White from Frends | Link | Image
  3. Rose Gold Fox Earrings Stud Simple Earrings by Petitformal on Etsy | Link
  4. Folded Copper Light by David Derkse from Vij5 | Link | David Derksen 
  5. Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in 'Rose Gold' from Stila | Link
  6. Blush with Copper Accents Scarf by Francesca's via Allwomenstalk | Link
  7. Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Metal Eyeshadow in '65 Pink Gold' via ASOS | Link Image
  8. Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Nudist from Soap and Glory | Link Image
  9. Moscow Mule Mug from Anthropologie US | Link
  10. Lucia Mirrored Plexi Clutch from Stella McCartney via Pinterest | Link | Stella McCartney
  11. Madden Girl Treble Chunky Sequin Pumps via Pinterest | Link
  12. O.P.I Nail Lacquer in 'Hands Off My Kielbasa' from O.P.I. | Link
  13. Essie Nail Lacquer in 'Penny Talk' from Essie | Link
  14. Tricolour Gold & Platinum Wedding Rings by Niessing  from Orro Glasgow | Link
  15. 'Dinner and Romance' Dress from Modcloth | Link
But alas, I don't think Copper Blush is my colour, too pale for me. I can wear bright yellow, bright red, bright pink or greens and feel no dent in my, albeit tiny amount of confidence, but put me in white or a nude colour and I feel really self concious.

Bar, when my hair went that peachy colour when it was bleached and the pink was all but gone, I loved that. And I would very much like those headphones, so when I'm drinking my favourite cocktail, the Moscow Mule*, in a copper mug, I can listen to some good music and quietly get drunk in my own little world**.

Unexpectedly good colour choice Dulux!

* If you fancy a Moscow Mule, mix two shots of vodka with the juice of half a lime and your favourite ginger beer to taste. Serve in a copper mug if you can, but if not, just over lots of ice. Plus, if you're feeling fancy, add some raspberries for a Raspberry Moscow Mule, which is the drink I had when I got my degree results in the beer garden of one of the uni locals.

** Yep, drinking alone is kinda the mood I'm feeling for today.

Link | Dulux Colour of the Year 2015
Link | Colour Futures 2015
Listening: Copperline - James Taylor

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